Stranded Alone? This 8-in-1 Tool Might Just Save Your Life

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"This device protected my daughter when no one else could!" With countless 5-star reviews, the Kelvin 8 Emergency Multitool is quickly becoming everyone's "go-to" gift to help keep loved ones safe.

It’s well known that your car is one of the most dangerous places you can be.

In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates there are 13 accidents per minute1 — so by the time you finish reading this sentence, two car accidents have just occurred.

Whether you’re behind the wheel, or crouching down to change a tire, an emergency could arise at any moment.

That’s why hundreds of people everyday are buying up this new 8-in-1 tool that can help in any type of roadside emergency.

Whether you’re stranded on a snowy highway at night, a rainy road out in the country or trapped after a car wreck, the new Kelvin 8-in-1 Emergency Multitool has your back.

It’s gone viral for its ability to protect you from so many different threats — while saving you both money and space in your car.

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Tom’s Story: “Kelvin 8 Saved My Daughter’s Life”

Tom Benson is a volunteer firefighter in Iowa, and he still tells people about the day the Kelvin 8 Emergency Multitool was all his daughter had when a tornado struck.

“My daughter Debbie got caught in one of the worst twisters I’ve ever seen. She drives safe, has a sturdy pickup truck, but when a tornado hits, all bets are off.

She got blown off the road, was more than 1,000 feet from the pavement, and with so much chaos going on none of us could find her. Even worse, her cell phone ran out of power!

“Thankfully she had her Kelvin 8 in the glovebox.

It had a hand crank to charge her cell phone when her truck wouldn’t start.

It also had this powerful light and a high decibel siren so we could easily find her off the road.

I’m so glad she had this with her.”

Tom went on to say “I bought one for everyone at the firehouse, and by now most of them got more for the rest of their family.

Our entire crew stands 100% behind the Kelvin 8.”

8 Essential Safety Tools In One Compact, Handheld Device

The Kelvin 8 Emergency Multitool is an all-in-one emergency toolkit that combines 8 essential safety tools into one compact, portable device.

The Kelvin 8 includes:

  • Hand crank charger to charge your phone anywhere, any time
  • Powerbank with 2000 mAh capacity
  • Window breaker
  • Seatbelt cutter
  • Flashlight
  • Electronic flare
  • SOS Siren
  • And a micro USB Charging Cable, carry pouch and instructional guide.

Best of all, Kelvin 8 doesn’t need batteries!

It packs the 8 most essential safety tools into one compact, handheld device that you can rely on in virtually any emergency.

At its core is a rechargeable 2000 mAh lithium battery that powers the LED flashlight, electronic flare, and 100 decibel siren.

It charges via the included USB cable or the hand crank generator (perfect when the power goes out). 

The seamlessly integrated tools include a spring-loaded window breaker (so it requires very little strength to use) under a safety lid, a concealed seatbelt cutter, and the powerful siren.

With no batteries required, it’s always ready for emergencies on the road, outdoors, or at home.

Have Power When There Is No Power!

Having a cell phone matters, but it only matters if it works!

Imagine being trapped in a snowstorm and your car won’t start…

Or you’re in a dimly lit parking lot with someone following you…

In any emergency, the Kelvin 8 Emergency Multitool ALWAYS has the power you need.

It comes with an easy-to-use hand-crank lithium battery generator.

The hand-crank is smooth and includes the cord you need to charge your device.

This is critical for anyone who travels for longer periods or frequently forgets to charge their phone.

Your phone is your lifeline to safety, especially on the road — and Kelvin 8 ensures it’s always there for you.

Carry A Loud Lighthouse In Your Pocket

Whether the rain is pouring, the snow is falling, or the lights are out — people can still find you with the Kelvin 8.

With a 4-position LED flashlight, you’ll find your way through even the darkest storms.

The flashlight also has an SOS setting, so you can alert others with a flashing strobe light.

Plus, this pocket-sized emergency tool packs a punch with a 100 decibel siren and an electronic flare with 4 magnets so you can attach it to your car or truck instead of using a dangerous old-fashioned flare (that’s prone to failing).

With the Kelvin 8, family, friends and emergency responders will always be able to find you.

With Kelvin 8, You’ll Never Be Trapped In Your Car

Sometimes, a car’s safety devices can be a trap.

Imagine a baby stuck in a car with a mother’s keys, or a pet stuck on a hot summer’s day.

With Kelvin 8, you’ll be able to free anyone with two key tools:

  • A safety window hammer that lets you easily shatter car windows when someone (or a pet) can’t get out
  • A razor sharp seat belt cutter so you’re always able to free someone

And the designers of the Kelvin 8 kept safety in mind — the carbon steel window breaker has an attached safety lid to ensure the hammer is covered when not in use.

The razor-sharp seatbelt cover is safely hidden under the device, so there are no worries of accidental cuts or scrapes.

An Excellent Gift For Any Driver

Not only is it a great option to equip yourself, Kelvin 8 is the perfect gift for anyone with a car:

  • Give new drivers all the tools they need to deal with an emergency
  • Give seniors a way to grab people’s attention, even if they don’t own a cell phone
  • Help moms protect their children from harm
  • Give dads a way to help keep everyone safe
  • Make sure the family pet is protected in case someone forgets their keys.

Where Can You Find Kelvin 8?

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