Break Free from Chronic Pain With This Genius Pen-Like Gadget

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"After a car accident left me with chronic pain, I thought I was destined to take painkillers for the rest of my life. Then I found this drug-free alternative… and I haven’t looked back since!"

Four years ago, I was involved in a car accident.

It left me with excruciating chronic pain — which has only gotten worse with age.

I was driving home from work late one night after a 12 hour shift at the hospital. (I’ve been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years.)

I don’t remember it, but they tell me I nodded off at the wheel… and my car veered into a ditch.

By some miracle, I survived with only some scrapes and bruises.

Or so I thought…

Years have passed since that day, but the damage it did to my body never left.

Ever since the accident, I’ve felt constant pain throughout my body.

It’s mostly in my neck and lower back, but I’ll get random pains everywhere.

At first I thought it was due to the accident… but when the pain didn’t leave after two years, I decided to talk to a doctor — my close friend Dr. Zeegan.

Together, we realized I was struggling with chronic pain, which stemmed from two things: my accident, and arthritis from the physical impact of nursing.

Three decades of 12-hour shifts on my feet, lifting heavy objects and helping patients, had clearly taken its toll!

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Thus began my search for pain relief.

Until I dealt with it myself, I don’t think I fully understood how serious my patients were when they complained of chronic pain derailing their entire lives.

But it was true.

Slowly but surely, every nursing shift became more and more exhausting, both physically and mentally, as the pain made me irritable and moody with patients…

I couldn’t handle it. So Dr. Zeegan and I began the typical path most chronic pain patients follow.

First we tried pain medication — which worked, but anything strong enough to put a dent in the pain made me woozy.

And above all, I hated the idea of being addicted to narcotics.

Next we tried physical therapy, but my pain didn’t respond to it at all.

Some of the exercises caused me more pain, and none of them gave me lasting relief — even after 3 months of sticking with it.

We continued down the list… hot and cold therapy… relaxation techniques… at one point he even recommended acupuncture.

I might be a nurse, but I’m afraid of needles going into my own skin.

Plus, it was expensive and time-consuming… and the relief only lasted a few hours, maybe a day.

One day, after everything else had failed, he asked me if I’d ever tried using a TENS unit.

I almost laughed in his face.

Of course I’d had experience with TENS units — which send safe electrical pulses through the skin to stimulate the body’s own pain-killing responses. 

I hadn’t used one on a patient since the ‘90s.

“Those clunky things?” I said, almost laughing.

“I need something that can help me stay pain-free during my shift. I can’t lug a TENS unit around while treating patients!”

“You obviously haven’t seen one in a while,” he said.

“Things have improved — a LOT. I’ve got one at home that I’d like you to try.”

The next day, when I opened my locker, I found what looked like an oversized permanent marker sitting on a note that said: “Give this a try during your shifts this week. Let’s see what you think.”

The device was called Paingone Plus — and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s been absolutely amazing.

It sounds crazy, but this thing really does work like a magic wand for my pain… if you struggle with mild to moderate chronic pain, you have to hear about it!

What is Paingone Plus?

Paingone Plus is a small pen-shaped TENS device that delivers fast, drug-free pain relief anywhere on the body.

The device was created by doctors who understood the potential of TENS, and were tired of prescribing medications to people who could benefit from this much safer drug-free therapy.

TENS units (which stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) work by sending low-voltage electrical currents through the skin to stimulate the nerves

This reduces pain signals sent to the brain naturally, from within.

It also stimulates the creation of endorphins, aka the body’s natural painkillers.

They’re an incredible alternative to painkillers, allowing the body to naturally soothe chronic and acute pain on its own… without damage to the liver or kidneys.

TENS devices have been around for decades, but previous TENS devices were attached to the skin with adhesive pads attached to the machine with wires… making them inaccessible to most people because of their clunkiness (all those wires and pads!) and expense.

The technology didn’t exist to slim them down into a consumer-friendly size (and price tag)… until recently, that is.

Paingone Plus takes the time-trusted technology of old-school TENS units and makes it something you can access anywhere, anytime, any place.

Plus, it’s fast — traditional TENS machines take 15 minutes or more to work per session, but Paingone Plus only takes 30 seconds for effective relief!

How does Paingone Plus work?

Paingone Plus delivers relief just like traditional TENS units, by using targeted electrostimulation to relieve chronic and acute pain. 

But unlike the clunky TENS dinosaurs of the past, it delivers relief with a unit the size of a pen…powered by a single AAA battery which can provide more than 800 applications without needing to be replaced. 

Using Paingone is as simple as:

  • Place the TENS pen onto the area you wish to use it, either to bare skin or through clothing.
  • Pressing the activation button.
  • Releasing the activation button after 30 seconds — that’s it!

It’s very easy to activate — in fact, the inventor originally made it for his wife with painful hands due to arthritis. (Spoiler alert: It worked!)

If you’re like me and the pain you need to soothe is more spread out, simply move the pen around the area as you click… and enjoy relief wherever you need it!

Paingone Plus isn’t just easy, it’s also versatile. The same device can help relieve pain all over the body, including:

  • Neck
  • Arms
  • Hands
  • Legs
  • Back
  • And more!

If the pain comes back, don’t worry — you can use Paingone Plus as many times as you need.

So, Is Paingone Plus Worth It?

While I still take occasional painkillers to manage my most intense days, Paingone Plus has freed me from taking painkillers on a daily basis.

Now I can relieve my nagging aches and pains on the spot, wherever I go — it’s absolutely priceless.

Thanks to its compact design, I can take it with me everywhere, whether I’m at home, running errands, or traveling.

I can apply it wherever I feel pain and within just 30-90 seconds of use (depending on the area), I’m able to achieve a level of relief that lets me go about my day without resorting to organ-damaging medications.

The bottom line: My chronic pain will be with me forever… but so will Paingone Plus.

And that means my chronic pain won’t rule my life.

So, is Paingone Plus worth it? That’s a resounding, enthusiastic YES!

And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Since being released, it’s already kicked up a storm in the medical community… with thousands of patients (like me) raving about it!

By now, Paingone Plus has earned a 5-star rating — with over 250,000 people using the device worldwide.

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I just noticed this deal, so I can’t promise it will be available for long… but if you’re struggling with chronic pain, I highly recommend jumping on this!

Oh! Speaking of which:

They also have a 60-day money back guarantee, which means you can try Paingone Plus yourself risk-free — and if it doesn’t work, just send it back for a full refund.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and a lifetime of relief to gain.

Apparently, 90% of people keep the device because it works so well… it’s not just me getting this amazing relief!

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Paingone Plus Reviews
A brilliant device. I have been waiting for 19 months for a double knee replacement, and suffering increasing knee pain. I have tried many pain relief therapies that work to a greater or lesser degree. This device, however, works a treat and has afforded me great pain relief. One tip, I looked up “Acupuncture knee pain relief points” on the net and use these to achieve the optimum pain relief. A blessing Paingone, thanks.
I’m thrilled with the Paingone, it’s great. Staff are very helpful and supportive. I received it within a day of ordering. Well done Paingone, my pain in my hip has eased.
Only used Paingone Plus for the second day but the improvement is already noticeable. Looking forward to pain free thumb joints again.

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