Toss Out the Sugary Gummies: Here’s a Sleep Solution Kids Love

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Experience a new era of wellness for your children, with a wearable supplement to help them sleep that's fun, effective and sugar-free!

Navigating through a bustling world where our cherished little ones are persistently showered with stimuli and tempting sugary solutions, Wearables unfurls a wellness innovation that doesn’t merely take a step, but rather, propels us into a monumental leap towards the future of children’s supplementation

Picture this: no longer needing to gently persuade your child into swallowing or chewing those sugary vitamin gummies, but instead, joyfully adhering a whimsically fun, moon-shaped patch onto them

This ensures their body absorbs vital nutrients efficiently, guiding them smoothly into a journey towards the serene land of sweet, uninterrupted dreams, all while circumventing the common battles at the medicine cabinet.

Expertly Designed Sleep Patches – Guiding Your Little One to Restful Nights

Our meticulously crafted blend of melatonin, skullcap herb powder, and l-theanine is not merely a formulation; it’s a gentle nudge, encouraging your child to embark on a tranquil journey to dreamland, sooner rather than later.

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This expertly designed blend doesn’t merely serve as a supplement; it’s a scientifically-backed assurance, ensuring that every ingredient plays a pivotal role in not just inducing sleep, but ensuring it is restful, peaceful, and most importantly, beneficial to your child’s overall wellness and development

The slow-release and potent impact of these ingredients ensure that your child is receiving the optimal benefits in a manner that is not only efficient but also incredibly gentle on their delicate system.

What Are Wearables?

Wearables introduces a playful, innovative, and scientifically-backed approach to children’s supplementation with their expertly designed wellness patches

These patches are not just a hidden means of delivering essential nutrients; they are a fun, moon-shaped adventure that your child embarks upon, turning their bedtime routine into a playful journey toward restful nights

The patches are not merely a product; they are a lifestyle, a commitment to embracing a future where wellness is integrated seamlessly into our children’s lives, ensuring they receive the vital nutrients they need in a fun, efficient manner.

In a world where children are often presented with sugary gummies or hard-to-swallow pills as their supplementation options, Wearables stands out as a beacon of convenient, playful, and effective health management

It’s not just about the melatonin, GABA, and L-Theanine being delivered through their skin

It’s about making a statement, about showcasing a commitment to your child’s health and wellbeing in a way that’s unapologetically visible and fun

Wearables turns the act of taking vitamins into a delightful game, ensuring that your child looks forward to their nightly routine, all while receiving the essential nutrients they need for a peaceful night’s sleep.

How Does It Work?

Delving Deeper into the Science and Benefits:

  • Melatonin: A crucial hormone, melatonin doesn’t just assist in ushering your child into dreamland but ensures they stay there, providing a slow-release mechanism that sustains a night of restful sleep, supporting their natural sleep-wake cycle and aiding in regulating their internal clock.
  • GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid): More than just a neurotransmitter, GABA serves as a critical calming agent for the brain, reducing feelings of anxiety and playing a pivotal role in protecting the brain against neural excitability, thereby aiding in reducing nighttime restlessness and facilitating a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • L-Theanine: This amino acid does more than just unwind the mind. L-Theanine plays a crucial role in regulating and stabilizing mood, ensuring that the journey to sleep is not only smooth but also joyfully serene, allowing your little one to drift into sleep with a tranquil mind.
  • Skullcap Herb Powder: A powerful herb, skullcap doesn’t only fight against insomnia but also battles anxiety, working double-time to ensure that your child’s journey to sleep is free from the common hindrances that prevent a peaceful transition to rest.

Moreover, the science behind the patches ensures a steady, gradual release of nutrients, providing your body with a consistent supply of what it needs, when it needs it

This isn’t a quick fix or a sudden burst of energy

It’s a sustainable, steady approach to supplementation that ensures your body is receiving what it needs without the peaks and troughs of traditional supplement forms.

Is It Easy to Use?

Absolutely! Simply select the specially designed children’s sleep patch, gently adhere it to your little one’s skin, and let it weave its gentle, restful magic throughout the night

The sleep patch, infused with a carefully calibrated blend of melatonin, skullcap herb powder, and L-theanine, is crafted to guide your child gently into a peaceful, sustained slumber, ensuring they wake up refreshed and ready for the new day

It’s a hands-off, worry-free approach to ensuring your child receives the essential nutrients they need for a good night’s sleep, without the struggle of swallowing pills or the sugar rush from gummies.

Moreover, Wearables has ensured that the use of their patches is not just easy but also adaptable to various bedtime routines and needs.

Whether your child is a light sleeper, a bedtime wriggler, or someone who needs a little extra help drifting off, the patches are designed to seamlessly integrate into their nighttime routine, providing gentle, sustained support without any hassle or disruption

It’s wellness that truly sticks with your child, ensuring peaceful nights and joyful mornings, every step of the way.

What Else We Love 🩷 About Wearables
There's a lot to love, but our favorite points are...
  • Innovative Wellness for Kids – A pioneering approach to children’s supplementation, ensuring gentle, efficient absorption of sleep-supporting nutrients without a struggle at bedtime.

  • Fun and Friendly – Designed with a playful moon shape and a gentle adhesive, making the wellness routine fun and engaging for kids while being a subtle, stylish accessory.

  • Specialized Solution – Focused on providing a singular, effective sleep aid for children, ensuring a targeted approach to their wellness.

  • Child-Friendly – Simply peel, stick, and let your child drift into a peaceful night’s sleep with no fuss or disruption to their bedtime routine.

  • Parent-Approved – With positive feedback and a 4.1-star average rating on Amazon, parents are finding genuine bedtime relief and benefits for their little ones.

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