Tired of Counting Sheep? See How Patches Offer Better Sleep

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Why are we still wasting time swallowing sugar filled vitamins, when we could be absorbing them with patches and getting to sleep faster?

I used to joke that I could sleep when I’m dead. Balancing the never-ending workload that comes from working at home, combined with the daily anxiety brought on by the news and the weight of family and financial pressures, sleep became my most elusive luxury.

I’d find myself lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, mind racing with thoughts of unfinished tasks, unpaid bills, and the current state of the world.

It wasn’t just the sleeplessness; it was the exhaustion of tossing and turning, only to greet the morning feeling more tired than when I hit the bed.

That’s when I stumbled upon Wearables.

At first glance, they seemed unconventional, almost too whimsical for something that promised to tackle such a profound issue.

But, as the saying goes, ‘never judge a book by its cover.’

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Intrigued by their bold approach to wellness, I gave them a shot.

The first night with Wearables was like a whisper of a forgotten lullaby.

It wasn’t an instantaneous knockout, but a gentle coaxing into restfulness.

I woke up rejuvenated, realizing that these patches did more than just put me to sleep; they helped improve its quality.

A few nights into my Wearables journey, my wife began to notice the change.

I wasn’t just sleeping; I was thriving. Gone were the dark circles and the morning grumpiness.

One evening, I found an empty Wearables packet on her nightstand.

She had decided to dive into the world of wearable wellness herself, attracted by the results she saw in me.

She soon echoed my sentiments.

And it wasn’t just the restful nights.

It was the process – the simplicity of picking the right spot for the patch, avoiding those “bendy” areas, the fun ritual of placing it on, and the gentle morning routine of washing it off.

She loved the fun moon shape and the gradient colors.

It wasn’t just a remedy; it was an experience.

What are Wearables?

Wearables are innovative transdermal patches that stand out in the wellness arena. Unlike traditional pills and gummies that need to be digested, these patches release essential ingredients directly through the skin into the bloodstream. This process ensures potentially better and more consistent absorption. And for those conscious about what they put into their bodies, you’ll be pleased to know that Wearables have no fillers, sugars, or gelatins. They fit seamlessly into a vegan, gluten-free, and health-conscious lifestyle. 

I’m not one to jump on every health trend, so I delved into the science behind these patches. And what I discovered was impressive:

  • Melatonin: Slow-release magic that ensures not just drifting into dreamland, but staying there.
  • Magnesium Beta Hydroxybutyrate: Not just a tongue twister, this ingredient actively fights insomnia and those pesky muscle cramps.
  • GABA: Nature’s answer to calm. This neurotransmitter dials down the anxiety, preparing the mind for rest.
  • L-Theanine: Mood swings be gone. This ingredient ensures mood regulation, allowing for a smoother transition to sleep.
  • Skullcap Herb Powder: A double-duty ingredient, battling both insomnia and anxiety.

How Do They Work?

The mechanics behind Wearables is where the magic truly lies.

Transdermal patches, though in use for various medical treatments, have been refined and optimized by Wearables for sleep supplementation.

Once applied, the adhesive layer of the patch gets activated by the warmth of your skin.

This activation prompts a slow, sustained release of the ingredients.

“Transdermal delivery has a variety of advantages compared with the oral route. In particular, it is used when there is a significant first-pass effect of the liver that can prematurely metabolize drugs.” 

Mark R Prausnitz, Ph.D. – Regents’ Professor, Chair in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, and Director of the Center for Drug Design, Development and Delivery at Georgia Institute of Technology

What sets Wearables apart is the duration of this release.

Instead of a short-lived burst, these patches ensure relaxation and calm delivery over a span of 6-12 hours.

It’s a game-changer for those who require a little extra help getting to sleep.

Now, each night is an invitation to a peaceful slumber. No more tossing and turning. No more endless hours of staring into the void. With Wearables, I’ve reclaimed my nights. And oh, the joy of waking up truly refreshed!

Are Wearables Easy to Use?


The use of transdermal patches, like Wearables, is as straightforward as “peel and stick.”

Each patch is designed with a user-friendly adhesive that securely sticks to your skin, ensuring you can go about your day without any interruptions.

Whether you’re sweating it out at the gym, taking a shower, or just going through your daily routine, these patches remain in place, steadily releasing their goodness.

Water-resistance is a common feature among top-quality transdermal patches, making them suitable for active individuals or those caught in unexpected rain.

And when it’s time to remove them?

Just peel off gently.

There’s no residue left behind, and you can then rotate the application site to ensure optimal skin health.

It’s a hassle-free, efficient way to get your daily wellness boost.

“The antidote to hard-to-swallow pills, additive-filled gummies, or gross-tasting beverages, Wearables delivers a slow and steady, 12-hour release of nutrients to the skin— the optimal place for nutrient absorption.” – Daily Mail

Throughout my wellness journey, I’ve encountered many products, but Wearables truly stands out.

It beautifully marries innovation with practicality.

Embracing the power of transdermal patches has allowed me a direct and efficient path to sustained and easier sleep.

With Wearables, every day feels like my best day.

What Else We Love 🩷 About Wearables
There's a lot to love, but our favorite points are...
  • Deep Dreamy Nights: With the slow-release melatonin, I find myself drifting into uninterrupted, deep slumbers, awakening refreshed each morning.

  • Hassle-Free Sleep Aid: No more struggling with large pills or waiting for teas to steep. I simply stick on a patch and let it usher me to dreamland.

  • Stylish Serenity: The moon-shaped design with a captivating purple-to-orange gradient doesn’t just promise good sleep—it looks good while doing it.

  • Pure Ingredients, Peaceful Rest: I love that the patch is packed with natural ingredients, ensuring that my skin—and by extension, my body—gets nothing but the best.

  • Throughout-the-Night Support: The 12-hour release means my sleep cycle is consistently supported, reducing those middle-of-the-night wake-ups.

  • Direct Delivery: The skin absorption method ensures I get the full benefits of ingredients like l-theanine and skullcap herb powder, working synergistically to enhance my sleep quality.

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