Find Peaceful Sleep Naturally: This Spray is a Mom’s Best Friend

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One surprising, all-natural solution saved me from sleeping pills & coffee reliance… and helped my whole family get quality sleep again.

When I fell into a cycle of constant sleep deprivation, I was ready to give up hope.

It’s a little embarrassing to admit this, because other moms go through similar struggles every day and get through without nearly losing their minds…

But I hope that sharing my experience helps others who have gone through similar struggles… or saves them from ever having to go through it.

I reached a breaking point because my entire household had become night owls.

Both of my daughters have been “easy kids”, the kind that fall asleep after just one bedtime story and sleep like logs through the night…

Until they weren’t.

Gosh, how I took those days for granted…

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All those sleepless nights were making even mundane tasks feel like Herculean feats.

It all started with my toddler Lisa, who was going through sleep regression – a phase that’s completely normal for children, but a nightmare for parents.

She kept my husband or me up throughout the night, either seeking comfort in our bed or waking up every few hours wailing.

As a result, our sleep – and intimacy – suffered.

My husband runs his own business, so he didn’t mind the difficult nights as much.

But for me – I work part-time as a florist – being half asleep on my feet at work was not ideal.

Soon, I started relying on sleeping pills to get me through the night… along with multiple pots of coffee every day.

Plus, driving children to school while still groggy from sleeping pills is an accident waiting to happen. 

It wasn’t sustainable… or healthy.

But I kept telling myself: “This is just a short-term solution.”

My daughter couldn’t even make it through homework without falling asleep. Our sleep schedules needed help, and fast!

A few months after I started taking the sleeping pills, my 8-year-old’s teacher called a parent teacher meeting to discuss her grades. Or so I thought.

“Savannah’s been falling asleep in class,” Mrs. Kilmer said, “is there something going on at home?”

My heart sank.

Through misty eyes, I told her about how I’d failed to keep my family on a healthy sleep schedule, and that this was just one consequence.

I had never felt like a worse mom…  

But to my surprise, she didn’t look at me judgingly, or scold me for my lack of control over my household.

Instead, she said, “I wish you’d said something sooner! When my third son went through sleep regression, it threw off the sleep patterns of my whole household. I totally get it.

“How’d you get through it?” I asked.

“There was only one thing that worked for me,” she said, and offered to send Savannah home with a bottle the next day.

I’ll admit, when she said “bottle” I halfway thought she meant a glass of wine that would let mama get some sleep!

But what she sent home was more than a mother’s little helper – it was a lifesaver for everyone in my family. 

The bottle contained a new “sleep spray” called Zen Routine – it’s a new type of sleep aid that you spray on your pillow before bed.

Apparently, it can put virtually anyone to sleep in just a few minutes.

We gave it a try right away… and I couldn’t believe what happened.

Not only did it put me and my daughters to sleep within 10 minutes the very first night, it was the most restful sleep I’ve ever had – I woke up feeling like I’d slept for a week straight!

What is Zen Routine?

Sleep’s knight in dreamy armor!

Zen Routine is a miracle in a bottle for anyone struggling to fall asleep – simply put, it’s a blend of natural ingredients designed to help you de-stress, relax, and fall asleep faster.

It’s made from a patented superblend of herbs, all of which have been used for centuries for their calming, sleep-promoting properties:

  • Vetiver oil sourced from the U.S. creates a calming, centered atmosphere.
  • Lavender oil sourced from France naturally relieves stress and enhances sleep.
  • Chamomile oil sourced from the U.S. alleviates anxiety & helps you fall asleep faster.

And for any mamas out there like me who are paranoid about putting untested, unproven products anywhere near my babies – it’s tested, proven, and backed by science!

Dream Sleep Pillow Spray has a Sandman Classifier (SC) value of 1.35, meaning it’s highly effective at helping you fall asleep.

But that’s not even the best part – it actually helps you sleep better and longer, too!

In a clinical study involving over 750 participants with EEG (aka brainwave monitoring) patches, Zen Routine was shown to improve sleep quality by 98%.

Of course, I already knew it was effective – but it was great to know it’s also safe for my favorite little humans – and myself!

The best part? Zen Routine makes it so EASY to fall asleep!

(And way easier than reading my toddler 5 storybooks a night just to get her to sleep…) 

To fall asleep with Zen Routine, just spray it on your pillow and linens 5 minutes before bedtime… and let the magic unfold.

The natural and clean ingredients are free from harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances, ensuring a safe and gentle drift into dreamland.

Before Zen Routine, I was turning to sleep aids like NyQuil or melatonin to help me get even a wink… and those left me with a grogginess that lasted through the morning.

My experience with Zen Routine

The day Savannah brought the little spray bottle home from school, I spent the whole evening counting down the hours to bedtime.

First I gave my toddler her nightly bath, then sprayed her pillow before getting her tucked in.

Usually it takes multiple books before she bats an eye…but halfway through the first storybook, she was out like a light!

I thought it could be a coincidence, so I went to my 8-year-old and got her tucked in an hour later.

I left her reading by nightlight and by the time I peeked inside her room 10 minutes later… she, too, was fast asleep.

Chamomile and lavender are both scientifically proven to help aid sleep.

The real test would be whether or not my toddler woke me up in the middle of the night, or crawled into bed between my husband and me.

But as I woke the next morning to the smell of coffee, I realized it was the first time I’d woken since the night before.

My toddler had slept through the night.

And, when I got into the kitchen, I was surprised to find I’d actually slept in – for the first time in what must have been months!

Within a week of using Zen Routine, my whole family’s sleep schedule returned to normal.

And mama no longer needs an IV drip of coffee to make it through the day. 

Thanks to this magic little superblend, I broke myself – and my whole family – free from the vicious cycle of sleepless nights. 

Savannah’s grades have already improved, and Lisa sleeps through the night now – meaning my husband and I get better sleep… and more time for intimacy, too!

So, what’s the verdict? I think the lack of dark circles under my eyes speak for themselves.

I never imagined I’d find something that actually puts me to sleep quickly and naturally… let alone something that actually improves my sleep! Zen Routine is incredible.

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